Binford pipe stem dating

11-Apr-2016 07:40

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A disapproving German visiting in 1598 noted that the "English are constantly smoking tobacco adding that they have pipes on purpose made of clay." No archaeologist has found such a pipe in a context that can be dated with any certainty prior to about 1600.

A pipe found on the foreshore of the River Thames at London may be as close as we can yet come to 1573's little ladle.

Interest in the history of the evolution of the clay pipe's bowl, however, goes back a deal further and was the subject of scholarly interest as early as 1863.

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Harriot described the Indians' practice of "sucking it through pipes made of claie into their stomacke and heade; from which it purges superfluous steame & other grosse humors." Like so much else in historical lore, the encyclopedia and the Reverend Hume were wrong.

In truth, Victorian-era archaeologists had no interest in anything from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.