Consolidating school

11-Aug-2016 03:16

__________ SC legislators say it’s time for the court to back off on poor schools. To fix SC schools, start with governance SC has come far on school district consolidation, just not far enough Legislators’ first response to SC Supreme Court order should be consolidating school districts __________ Consolidating school districts is the one specific solution the state Supreme Court suggested when it ruled in 2014 that the state wasn’t meeting its constitutional obligation to provide a decent education to children in the poorest districts.Then-Chief Justice Jean Toal noted that instead of merging districts or even consolidating administrative functions, “the Plaintiff Districts have opted for a course of self-preservation, placing all blame for the blighted state of education in their districts at the feet” of the state.The districts also argue that recent consolidations have not saved money.And yes, it’s true that you can focus on protecting jobs rather than saving money. It might be true too that districts would need to equalize course offerings and salaries at the highest level as part of a merger.And if the state is providing all the money, would we really let local school board members call the shots? He saw this as the only way to stop dividing our state between the haves, which provide a top-rate education to kids lucky enough to live there, and the have-nots, which cheat the kids and drive off employers with ever-higher tax rates that never can generate enough money to match the rich districts’ spending.

The National Education Policy Center research review is the most recent one found in our search.

The main reason is to increase the talent pool for school board members and top administrators.

It’s to save us from school boards that treat the district like a political-patronage factory, and superintendents who aren’t at the top of their game, because what superintendent who isn’t from there wants to run a tiny little district?

Since providing a decent education to all children is the responsibility of the state, wouldn’t we start by funding this system entirely with state dollars?

Wouldn’t we even prohibit local funding, since local supplements get us right back where we are now, with the education a child can receive depending on where he or she happened to be born?And if we’re willing to consider something that radical, what on earth could justify having 81 districts in a state with just 46 counties?

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