Sccm 2018 r2 collections not updating okinawa sex website

07-Oct-2016 07:33

The idea behind a Default Limiting Collection is that you identify what the critical systems are in your organization, create a collection for them, and exclude from the Default Limiting Collection.Then, you use the Default Limiting Collection for any future collections and deployments, so that you will not accidently deploy software to, reboot or reformat your critical systems.OK, enough talking, let’s see what this looks like in SCCM.

sccm 2018 r2 collections not updating-62

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Also, check the box for “Use incremental updates…” to make sure the Default Limiting Collection stays in sync with any changes to All Systems or CRITICAL SYSTEMS.

Now all you have to do it use the Default Limiting Collection as the limiting collection for any new collections you create and your critical systems will be excluded.