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Most noticeably, a banner strapped across the front porch for the past 17 years reads, “Innocent Man on Death Row.

Free Rodney Reed.” Rodney didn’t grow up here, his younger brother Rodrick said. He always had a way with women.” Rodney told police he had several girlfriends in mid-1996, and a 19-year-old named Stacey Stites was one of them.

Police would note Rodney often walked the streets late at night around the convenience store, a point the prosecution would later use against him. One of Stacey’s sisters and her mother have never believed Rodney’s account.

The last time Rodney claims he saw Stacey was early the morning of April 22. They say they knew Stacey, and she was deeply in love with her fiancé, Jimmy Fennell.

Stacey had a job at a grocery store in the neighboring town of Bastrop.

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Fennell stayed up watching television – a show about lightning and storms on the Discovery Channel, he said.

Describing the day of the murder Prosecutor Ed Brown QC told the court: 'Before he was able to start his school day he found himself hounded down and killed by these five defendants, armed as they were with at least two large knives.