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26-Dec-2016 06:44

Pick a very strong master password, but one that you can remember!If you forget your master password, then you're pretty much fucked.That said, here’s how to protect yourself on the internet in 20-minutes or less – or your money back. Use a unique password for every service you use – do not repeat your same password over and over.

Think of it as a way to protect yourself against inappropriate eavesdropping on your browsing habits. You can also check out Torrent Freak's 2017 VPN Q&A to learn more about the different VPN services available. Note: if you're going to login to your bank or a financial institution, turn off your VPN – you'll likely get flagged and locked out of your account since you'll appear to be somewhere else in the world. With your VPN connected, head over to and see where in the world you're connected. This guide lives on Git Hub, which means anybody can request to edit the content. If you want to take a few more actions to ensure you're more secure, check out Get Safe. On any network where the software is installed and configured to block sites categorized as “pornography,” users will be denied access to such sites.

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