Updating a couch

13-Jul-2016 13:33

If not, head to your nearest market and pick up a sofa and carpet cleaning solution.

Many grocery stores now rent handheld carpet cleaners, which you can use to make the job even easier.

Household cleaners, fabric cleaner, or a steam vacuum cleaning might be all it needs. While cleaning might not be an option, it is possible that you could simply remove the sections that are discolored.

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If the cushion covers can be removed, throw them in the washing machine or bring them to the dry cleaners.Not many people think twice about the legs of a sofa, but they are actually an interesting way to inexpensively update your couch.Many companies stock interchangeable sofa legs in stylish shapes and finishes.If the back part of the couch is discolored, you'll be looking at a large bill for recovering it.

You don't always have to replace parts or completely cover the discoloration on your old couch.

Choose colors that complement your couch, or go for something bolder: a graphic pattern or bright accent color that will not only liven up your sofa, but the entire room.

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