Updating french provincial furniture

18-Sep-2016 13:57

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I’ve noticed it for a few years now, starting with the comment section on Apartment Therapy, and spreading from there.Now every time I see a piece of painted furniture being featured on a site like Apartment Therapy or Hometalk, I cringe, and not because I don’t like the furniture, but because I know what’s coming in the comment section. It brings out heated debates, the likes of which you’d never expect to see on a decorating/design site, but would expect on political websites.Probably the thing that irritates me the most about the commenters on projects like this is that they seem to have this idea in their heads that painted furniture is a relatively new fad that has only been around for a few years (presumably with the birth of Chalk Paint, since I see a lot of comments like, “I wish this Chalk Paint fad would die!”), and that it’s a trend that will soon die a horrible death, leaving thousands of homeowners mourning the loss of their stained wood furniture and regretting the day they took a brush and paint to their “gorgeous” stained wood.

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I’ll share with you as soon as I have something interesting to share.So painted wood furniture has been around for centuries, and it’s not going anywhere. People love to tout the greatness of Chalk Paint, but it doesn’t get (or deserve) the credit for the popularity of painted furniture.But the bottom line, in my humble opinion, is that people have the right to do whatever they want to do with their furniture, regardless of how old it is, who made it, or what kind of wood it’s made of.So I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Pinterest searching buffet makeovers for inspiration, and I’ve found so many ideas that I really like. I love painted furniture, and I love beautiful stained wood (as long as the grain is pretty), so with this style I would get the best of both worlds.

But I kind of already have something like that in my hallway (where it might stay since it fits so perfectly)…

Remember that buffet that I got a couple of weeks ago?