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Most remarkable among them are the following works of Reżā ʿAbbāsi: “Youth with a Jug,” “Girl in a Fur Hat,” and “Feast in the Open Air.” Finally, it is worth mentioning the 15 oil paintings, from the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, which include two large canvases of rare battle scenes: “The Battle Between the Persians and the Russians” and “Fatḥ-ʿAli Shah Inspects the Persian Armies.” Plate IX. The earliest specimens date from the 17th century, but most were produced in the 19th century.Among the rare exhibits are the manuscript stand ( This art form is represented very unevenly by the collection’s approximately 150 textile items, most of which date from the 16th to the 19th century.However, there is a very good collection of luster tiles, like the specimens from the Emām-zāda Yaḥyā mausoleum in Varāmin (more than 1,000 items, although most of them are only fragments), as well as tiles tinted with cobalt and other colorants.There are very few examples of fourteenth-century ceramics, but the museum boasts a magnificent collection of pottery from the period between the 15th and the beginning of the 18th century.Nineteen of these artifacts bear the exact date of their production, and five are inscribed with the names of the craftsmen who made them.One set of items in this group was made in Khorasan between the 1450s and the 1530s, but in most cases the place of production has not yet been determined. Feast in the Open Air, by Reżā ʿAbbāsi, early 17th century.This group is remarkable for both the quality and the quantity of the artifacts, which number around 1,000 items. Pottery from the 19th century, or “the Qājār era,” is also well represented.

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The collection comprises 161 amulets, most of which are presumably of Persian origin. Arms and armor at the State Hermitage are assigned to the Arsenal.

Two miniatures, both enclosed in a yellow frame and backed on pink card; paper, gouache, gold, left half 26.2x16.5 cm.

The fourth group represents the period from the second half of the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century.

COLLECTION OF THE ISLAMIC PERIOD Persian art from the advent of Islam until the beginning of the 20th century is well represented in the State Hermitage Museum. There are very few examples from this period at the Hermitage, but silver artifacts from the 7th-9th centuries testify to the continuity of a strong Sasanian artistic tradition within Persia. It includes such well-known objets d’art as the 542/1148 pen-case () produced by the master craftsman ʿOmar b. Yusof al-Bayy, which is inscribed with verses of Persian poetry; the famous vessel from Herat, made in 559/1163 by the craftsmen Moḥammad b. Aḥmad Naqqāš; the 11th-century lynx-shaped, open-work incense burner, which is inscribed with the name of the craftsman (or owner? Moḥammad Tāji; the famous water vessel in the shape of a female zebu with its calf and a lion, which was cast in 603/1206 by the master craftsman ʿAli b. Noteworthy among these is a candlestick from 725/1325, which is the work of the master craftsman Ruḥ-al-Din Ṭāher, a vessel from 733/1332-33 made by Moḥammad-Šāh Širāzi, and a vessel made in the 1340s for Abu Esḥāq Enju.

The total number of artifacts is not known precisely, because the collection has never been fully documented; only two specialized catalogues have been published so far. The earliest examples of Islamic art as such in this collection are from the 10th century. Most of the items in this group were probably made in Širāz during the 14th and 15th centuries, although future investigations might attribute some of them to other centers of production.

A few of the textiles and embroideries bear the name of the weavers.

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