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01-Feb-2016 09:08

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How will your being together rewrite the stars and spawn a whole book's worth of love poetry because the world will rejoice in the union of your two souls?

Level 3 : The Relationship Now that you've secured her phone number or the date or whatever you can begin on this level.

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I'm not telling you that if you do these steps you won't get rejected, because any time you deal with women you will.

But getting out there is the only way to find confidence. Tricky question because of the infinite amount of variants involved in the minds of women.

But getting out there is the only way to find confidence.

So, hold onto your pants because this answer is going to be long... Because these are things girls are attracted to in guys, its not necessarily what they are looking for.

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To start let me give you the wrong answers that everyone always gives: Humor, Kindness, Hotness, Great Hair, Money, Romance, A Great Laugh, A Big... There are variant levels of attraction and at each level you must be willing to look at each woman and understand what she may be looking for.

Make her feel special : If she doesn't feel like she's special what is the purpose of being with you?

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