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He had amassed an estate valued at £6,254.9s.2d., a considerable amount at the turn of the century.

The entire management was then taken over by his two sons who successfully ran the business until 1932 when Charles Robert Hellis died, leaving Clifford John Hellis as sole governing and managing director. Both sons were active members of the Gunmakers Association in the 1920’s, Clifford John being elected Chairman in 19.

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The Long Sufferers Association was set up in 1926 for those who had served moer than 25 years in the gun trade, to look after the welfare of old trade workers. Charles Robert died 9th July 1932 leaving an estate valued at £15,206.13s.1d., reflecting a growth in the business when English gunmaking had reached its height.That engagement sparked a rollercoaster love life for Deirdre's character, which involved her being married four times and having 13 lovers.